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Charged payment – no subscription

There might be confusing case then you do not have a subscription but it looks as if payment was made.

This is not exactly the case. Sometimes your bank might reserve money for a month and make a payment to our bank account after payment cycle ends (from your last order day).

In order to know if it is a new payment or old payment – please check your bank transcription. Here is a snapchot how those cases might look:

Payment date in example is 2020-06-12, in reference/purchase line there is visible day 2020.06.10. It means that payment was transferred to us only after two days of initial purchase.

This delay can happen up to one month

Payment date is 2020.06.12 for services purchased on 2020.06.10
Payment date is 2020.03.09 for services purchased on 2020.03.06

If above described situation does not fit your case, we will help you solving this question in 3 working days.

Please send us following information to our Customer support (make sure you are providing this information in safe environment):

  • Bank payment transcription
  • 4 last digits of your bank card number

After investigation our Customer support will contact you with an answer.

If you have found a spelling error, please, notify us by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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