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Technical requirements

Go3 is accessible in all sizes of screen for every content lover!

To ensure best service quality and your experience we recommend you checking our recommended requirements for devices and internet.

For desktop browser users we highly recommend doing compatibility test to quickly check if you meet minimum requirements https://go3.lv/compatibility-test

Internet requirements

  • Minimum requirement to watch Go3 is 1,5Mbps
  • Recommended requirement is 10Mbps stable internet connection to see all content in HD and without interruptions, multiple devices

To check your internet speed please: follow link and select “Single connection” visible just below “Go” button https://www.speedtest.net

Device requirements

TV models

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Android

Models manufactured 2016 years and later with WebOS 3.0+ software version

Software version Tizen 2.4 is not anymore supported by Samsung, thus newest app versions won’t be available there. You ca still watch Go3, but there can be newest functions missing for the app.

Android software powered TVs with version Android 9+

Please make sure your TV has latest software version. Your TV might be able to have mentioned softwares above but it needs to be downloaded / updated. How to do it please contact your TV seller or follow instructions in your TV user manual.

Internet browsers for computers

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera

Chrome 86+

Firefox 81+

Edge 86+

Safari 14+

Opera 71+

Your computer software version is not important, however, browser version that you are using is. We always suggest you having latest one or at least 2 last major updates.

We recommend checking your browser version here: https://updatemybrowser.org/

Mobile devices (phones and tablets)

  • Android
  • iOS (apple)

Android software 5.1+
You can download Android application directly here from play store

iOS version 11+
You can download iOS application directly here from app store

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