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Changes in channel list

Why will the changes be applied?
The changes are based on the decision of legislator of the Republic of Latvia, and amendments in Section 19 (131) of Latvian Electronic Mass Media Law.
Starting from when will the changes be applied?
Changes to the affected channels will take place starting as of 01.05.2023.
What territory will changes affect?
Latvia. TV program distribution in Estonia and Lithuania will not be affected.
Which channels will be affected?
The changes are expected affect to affect the following TV channels, available on Go3 OTT television: Viasat Kino (ex TV 1000 East), Viasat Kino Action (ex TV 1000 Action), National Geographic, Viasat Explore, Viasat History, FOX, FOX Life, Epic Drama, Viasat Nature, History Channel, Discovery, Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, HGTV.

The changes are expected to affect the following TV channels, available on Bite Home3 television: Viasat Kino (ex TV 1000 East), Viasat Kino Action (ex TV 1000 Action), National Geographic, FOX, FOX Life, Viasat History, Viasat Nature, Viasat Explore, Epic Drama, Discovery, TLC.
Will non-EU language tracks be removed only from Go3/ Home3 and still be available with other TV program service distributors / operators in Latvia?
No. The requirements of Latvian Electronic Mass Media Law are equally applicable to all TV program service distributors / operators which are registered and operate in Latvia legally.
If and when will the affected channels have Latvian language track?
The decision on whether to add a Latvian language track is the sole decision of the TV channel owner, not Go3. Go3 is in regular communication with all of the TV channel owners and does all that is reasonably possible to secure the best viewing experience for its customers. If either of the TV channels will start offering additional Latvian language tracks, we will do our best to have them available for all of our customers in Latvia as soon as possible.
Will the affected channels have Latvian subtitles?
Many of the affected channels already have Latvian subtitles and these will continue to be available after 01.05.2023. Please see the full list of affected channels with subtitles:

Viasat Kino
Viasat Kino Action
National Geographic LV
Viasat Explore
Viasat History
Epic Drama
Viasat Nature
FOX Life
If and when will non-EU language track (including but not limited Russian, Ukrainian language track) return to the affected TV channels?
In accordance with Section 19 (131) of Latvian Electronic Mass Media Law, a TV channel can have a non-EU language track if it also offers a Latvian language track simultaneously. Therefore, the non-EU language track will be returned to the affected TV channels if and when the TV channel owners will have the Latvian language track available for these channels.
Can I see affected channels with non-european language tracks if I travel/live outside of Latvia?
Be aware that the Service is available in the Region you are residing in (Latvia) and during your temporary travel in EU and EEA countries. You can use the Service while temporarily traveling in EU or EEA countries. However, We cannot guarantee you the quality of Services that depend on third party service providers (such as for example internet service providers and etc.). For more information please refer to Section Content Portability of Go3 General terms and conditions. During your use of Content Portability as in accordance with Go3 General terms and conditions, the TV channel languages and their language tracks will remain the same as in Latvia.
Do I have to do anything for changes to be applied?
No. Changes will apply automatically.
Does it apply for video on demand as well?
Changes to removed non-EU language tracks affect TV channels only, they do not affect video on demand content (movies, TV series etc.), available in your Go3 video on demand catalogue. The video on demand catalogue content remains in the languages as are provided by the content owners.
Is it possible to pay extra to get disabled language?
No, the disabled non-EU language tracks will not be available for extra fee. They will be returned to the customer’s basic TV Plan for no extra fee if the channel owner will add the Latvian language track in addition to the non-EU language track.
Will my package price change?
No, your TV Plan package price remains the same.
Why there are TV channels only in Russian language?
Electronic Mass Media Law allows to continue TV channel broadcast in a non-EU language (including but not limited to Russian) if such non-EU language is the main language of the channel and not an additional audio language track (dubbing). Russian is the main language for several TV channels; these TV channels remain unchanged and are still available in Russian language.

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