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From 2021 March 15 the next-generation TV Go3 will no longer be available in the UK due to Brexit (the UK is leaving the EU and the EEA). As a service provider in the Baltics, we cannot continue to provide video streaming services in the UK under the Cross-Border Portability Directive, which no longer affects that country.

Why Go3 will not be accessible in UK?
Due to Brexit (United Kingdom leaving EU and EEA) the EU Portability Regulation (which allows you to see the same Go3 content you see in your home country in any other EEA during your temporary travelling within EEA)  no longer applies to UK-EEA travel. In the UK, the regulation has been revoked and therefore, the next generatio n television Go3 will not be available in UK territory from 2021 March 15th the latest.

Since EU Portability Regulation is not applicable in UK any more, we, as a service provider established in Baltics, can not provide you with the access to Go3 content during your visit to UK.
Who’s decision is to switch-off Go3 in UK?
There is no “man”/secret thoughts behind this decision. We, as service provider established in Baltics, are legally obliged  to stop providing you with the access to Go3 content during your visit to UK due to the reason that after the Brexit EU Portability Regulation is not applicable in UK any more.
Will Go3 be available ever later in UK?
We  hope so!

We will be looking for all the sustainable possibilities how to grant you the access to Go3 content during your visit in UK. However, as of now, we have no way how we can do it. Please always follow our news in social media or stay subscribed to newsletters. If we are able to provide you with the access to our Go3 content during your visit in UK, we will make sure to inform everyone.
Where Go3 services continue to work?
We will continue providing the next generation television Go3 service in our home countries i.e. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. And all our customers travelling within EU and EEA, shall be granted with the possibility to access the Go3 content during their travel. 
Till when Go3 will be available in UK?
As of 1 January 2021 the EU Portability Regulation is no longer valid in UK and we are implementing the technical solutions to restrict the access to Go3 content from UK. The access to Go3 from UK to all customers shall be fully restricted as of 2021.03.15.

After this date only pre-downloaded content in mobile devices will be accessible (30 days from download date). It is good feature if you are traveling to UK for a short visits!
Can I use and watch Go3 content in UK after March 15th?
No. After 15th of March 2021 all Go3 content  will not be available anymore even for short visits due to EU Portability Regulation being nori more affective for UK.

This does not apply for your pre-downloaded content (available for 30 days) on your mobile device for your travel to UK.
Will my subscription be cancelled automatically together with switch-off?

Your subscription will not be cancelled after the access to Go3 content will be switched off for travellers to UK. You could still enjoy Go3 and its unique content in your home country (i.e. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) and during your temporary stay in other EU and EEA countries.  We do not make decision instead of you to cancel or not your subscription.
Will I be able to access my account after switch off?

You will be able to access your account and use it’s all features as it is currently available, except for the ability to watch Go3 content while being in UK.
I have contract signed, what will happen with it?
Your agreement will not be affected by this change and shall stay in force. We are only obligated to restrict any access to Go3 content in UK due to the fact that EU Portability Regulation is no longer applicable for UK.
I have paid for the services in front of switch off, will money be refunded?
The validity of your current Go3 subscription and the agreement is not impacted by the limitations of the content accessibility from UK and you can continue enjoying Go3 services in your home country (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). Accordingly, we will continue providing you with the Go3 services and there is no a legal bases for money refund.
I have automatic payments/sepa. What will happen?
This change does not impact automatic payments or payments in general. If you have automatic payments/sepa it will continue working as usual, once per billing cycle.
I am not in UK but it says I can not watch content due to zone restrictions, why is it?
If you are not in UK but in EU/EEA country and you receive a message that the content is not available in your location/not accessible outside of EU/EEA, please check if you are using VPN services in your device.

If you are using Go3 services outside of your home  country (LT, LV, EE) and not in UK – please make sure your location is verified properly. To do so please follow these instructions: https://palidziba.go3.lv/en/article/geoblocking/.

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